A Legacy of Innovation

Meet the Saberin Data Platform.
Since 2009, our platform has been the silent hero in the back drop of operations automation and data management in banking and alternative finance.

Saberin Data Platform Concerto

AI Chat Tool

Introducing Audition, an AI Chat tool with Enterprise GRC at its core. Seamlessly integrate your user's AI Chat experience with the specific data you choose, all within a secure environment.

Saberin Data Platform Concerto

Excel Add-In

Empowering data analysts to conjure insights from models and weave them into the broader tapestry of team knowledge while banishing the woes of Data File links.
Concerto is available now. 

Our Orchestra
of Data Analysis Tools

Saberin Data Platform Parterre

Intuitive CRM Integration

Parterre CRM stands as the maestro of contact data harmony. With an intuitive interface, it unifies strength and simplicity, aligning contact information within the Saberin ecosystem and integrating seamlessly with leading CRMs like Salesforce. Parterre ensures that detailed, real-time contact data is always at your fingertips.
Parterre is available now.

Saberin Data Platform Atelier

Intranet Platform

Our first offering and at the core of our offering, the Atelier Intranet component orchestrates your internal data streams, creating symphonies of workflows and reports.
Atelier is available now.

Saberin Data Platform Sonata

Secure Extranet

Sonata shares the story of your data with external audiences, like clients and investors, in a language that resonates
with them.
Sonata is available now.

Saberin Data Platform Opus

Redefining Research Management

Opus reimagines Document and Research Management System with AI-driven collection, tagging, and collaborative analysis. Safely and conversationally query your entire proprietary repository of knowledge and data.
Opus is in private preview by
invitation only.

Saberin Data Platform Cadenza

Democratized Talent Management

Cadenza means AI-driven Candidate analysis against position requirements. It streamlines the recruitment process through informed, democratic decision-making.
Cadenza is in private preview by invitation only.

Saberin Data Platforms

Benefits and Features

Streamlined Data Integration
Integrate data seamlessly from Excel into a centralized platform with our advanced Excel Add-In.
Real-Time Data Synchronization
Enjoy up-to-the-minute data updates with our dynamic backend API that ensures your Excel data is always current, bypassing the need for manual refreshes or cumbersome file links.
Enhanced Data Security
Keep your sensitive data protected with our robust security protocols that safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches.
Automated Workflows
Automate repetitive data tasks, allowing your team to focus on analysis and decision-making rather than data entry and maintenance. 

Customizable Data Presentation
Craft tailored reports and dashboards that resonate with different stakeholders, from internal teams to investors, using our versatile data visualization tools.
Scalable Data Architecture
Our Dynamic Data Warehouse grows with your needs, supporting everything from small data sets to enterprise-scale data volumes without performance loss.
AI-Enhanced Insights
Leverage our AI-driven systems to extract meaningful insights, forecast trends, and make data-driven decisions with greater accuracy.

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